InspyreMobile Development Team
"Competition. Bad for them. Great for you."

InspyreMobile Development Team

InspyreMobile Development Team

"Programmer - an organism that turns coffee into software"... Think The Social Network movie - headphones, 18 hours code-a-thons, hoodies and general geekiness. And thats just the first impression!

The EMA 10+ Member Software and Services Development Team is uniquely qualified to take app development for the meeting and events industry to the next level, having the vision, experience, dedication and technical expertise necessary for the task. 

We have over 65 years of combined experience in mobile device, embedded software and networking product development and management from world-class companies including Microsoft, Apple and Cisco.

The team voted and below are some of our favorite resources, apps and slogans including our collect talent.

Favorite online resources:;;

Favorite APPs: Dropbox, Air Display, Moodboard Pro, Smartbar, Circle battery widget

Favorite advertising slogan:
DHL - Competition. Bad for them. Great for you.
Apple - Think outside the box
AT&T - Reach out and touch someone

Hidden (or not-so-hidden) Talent:

Programming "Golf" - The point is not getting the ball in the hole but how many strokes it takes.

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