E-proDirect Launches InTouch to Further Hospitality’s Reach to Meeting Planners

Boca Raton, FL. — February 17, 2012 — E-proDirect, a trusted expert in the meetings and convention segments of the hospitality industry, has partnered with Incite Response to create and launch InTouch, a direct mail product targeting meeting planners.

InTouch is a limited collection of destinations from throughout the nation, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean sent through postal mail to pre-qualified meeting planners.  Because this booklet bundles properties, hotels and resorts are able to reach planners for less than the cost of postage, making postal mail a budget-friendly option.  InTouch is being called “retrolutionary” for its new spin on an old idea. 

Postal mail was once a top trend in marketing, but the rise of email shifted attention to the digital world.  Marketers are now circling back to include direct mail as the hospitality industry is once again taking notice of postal mail and measuring its effectiveness.

“Our clients who are revisiting direct mail find that the campaign investment is well worth the significant ROI,” remarks Lori Metze of Incite Response.  She further states, “This is amplified when a postal piece is paired with email.”

A perforated, high-quality four-color page (front and back) in the InTouch booklet is currently available for three U.S. regions: East, Central and West.  Each region consists of approximately 15,000 vetted meeting planners.  Space in each booklet is limited.  Creative services such as design and original copy as well as tracking options are available.  Booklets are printed using environmentally considerate practices.  More information can be found online by visiting www.eprodirect.com/intouch/info.

E-proDirect was founded ten years ago by hospitality veterans who saw a need for a company that dealt solely with marketing to meeting planners.  The company’s philosophies center on creating trust and forming relationships with both meeting planners and hotels.  As Chaunsea Keller of E-proDirect states, “We are constantly creating new ways for hotels and meeting planners to meaningfully connect.”

Incite Response is a hospitality industry leader in direct marketing communications.   The company develops, manages and supports integrated direct marketing, social media, reputation management and other customer retention programs to allow companies to build relationships with their customers across multiple channels.

For more information please contact Chaunsea Keller of E-proDirect at chaunsea.keller@eprodirect.com or Lori Metze at lmetze@inciteresponse.com.       

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