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We know not all clients have the same needs, that’s why EproMeetingApps offers 4 distinct solutions, all with their own benefits & features, that our clients can select from based on their individual needs. Whether your needs are based on budget, features, or anything in between, EproMeetingApps has a solution that’s right for you:


Do It Yourself Event Guides

Perfect for small meetings & events of 350 attendees or less, EventSuite allows you the benefit of offering a native app with a wide variety of features & functionality to your attendees at a low cost.

Simply have your attendees download our EventSuite app and access your customized event guide.


Event Guides for ANY Size Meeting or Event

EventAccess is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to deploy a feature rich native mobile app and mobile website for any size conference or event.  It is a native app Event Guide with a wide variety of features & functionality and includes a mobile website version for free.

Your attendees simply download our EventAccess app and access your fully customized & branded event guide.


Apps for Multiple Events

GroupLync is an ideal and more affordable solution for Associations, Corporations, or any other organizations that hold multiple events. This all-in-one solution allows organizations the ability to have a customized Smartphone application for their organization while including customized event guides for each of their meetings & events.


Custom Branded Event Apps

EventLync offers groups of any size a complete custom native Smartphone Application.

These full-featured apps are our most popular solution as they are branded for a specific event.

See Full Solution Chart »

Native App
Cross-platform iPhone, BB, Android, WinMo and Including Tablets
Optional Wap (Mobile Website) Included
Web-based Content Management / Client Dashboard
Small Meetings/Events Limited to 350 attendees or less
Mid-to-Large Sized Meetings/Events  
Multiple Meetings/Events      
In-App Event Guides  
Click to call/email/web functionality
GPS functionality
Save to calendar and contacts feature
Free Revenue Generation Features: Ad's, sponsorships, alerts
Full App Password Protection    
Custom Branding   In your event guide
Real-time information updates
Real-time Usage/Download Reports
Advanced Metrics/Tracking/Charts    
Full Service Support/Building Available for Additional Fee Available for Additional Fee
Do-It-Yourself In-App Guide Building  
Optional Data Management  
Person-to-Person Technical Support    
Web-based Technical Support
Marketing Support Limited
App Development Timeframe N/A N/A 30 days 30 days
In-App Event Guide Development Timeframe 2+ days 2+ days 2+ days N/A
Event Guide Hosting 30 days included 90 days included 60 days included N/A
Extended Hosting Time Available
End of Hosting for App Data Content All data for In-App Event Guides will be unavailable. All data for In-App Event Guides will be unavailable. All content within app will be available until user deletes app. All data for In-App Event Guides will be unavailable. All content within app will be available until user deletes app.
App Development Pricing N/A N/A $7,500+ $5,700+
App Hosting N/A N/A 12 Months Included 90 days included
In-App Event Guide Pricing $1,000 + $2,500 + $2,500 - $3,500 N/A


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