Core Benefits »

  • Increase revenue (monetize your meetings)
  • Keep attendees connected and engaged

Attendees »

  • All details about your conference in the palm of your hand
  • Be kept up to date on conference changes/updates

Planners »

  • Generate Incremental Income - Additional sponsorship revenue through mobile advertising.
  • Conference information available on any smart phone to all participants

Hotels »

  • Monetize your meetings by selling banner ads and spots
  • Generate income


  • Revenue stream/monetize meetings
  • Incentive for planners to plan meeting in their City/location

Exhibitors »

  • Increase visibility and awareness to tradeshow visitors and buyers.
  • Increase your booth traffic

Advertisers and Sponsors »

  • Easy and efficient way to get the word out about your services
  • Easy and efficient way to get last minute information out - specials (dinner specials, happy hour, special rates etc), drawings, presentations

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