Included Services

App solutions you would expect with added services you wouldn’t.

At E-proDirect we are all about adding value, that’s why we developed our T.E.A.M. (Total Event App Management) Support program.

We offer this program at no additional charge to our clients that include all the tools, support, and resources necessary to manage, market, and launch their apps successfully and easily.

The T.E.A.M tool & resource kit includes:

Extensive Marketing Support:

  • Custom design & development of an App announcement HTML Landing page to be used for email marketing and social media purposes. [See example]
  • Custom pre-written tweets to use for Twitter promotion and marketing.
  • Custom pre-written Facebook posts to use for Facebook promotion and marketing.
  • Verbiage for website announcing App.
  • App Communication toolkit.
  • App announcement to be emailed to attendees.
  • App announcement to solicit exhibitors.
  • App announcement for attendee registration confirmation.
  • QR code development.
  • App screen shots.

Additional Tools:

  • Sample alert order form.
  • Sample alerts.
  • Registration attendee directory opt in form.
  • Sample exhibitor package options with images.
  • Advertising sales roadmap.
  • App feature explanation.
  • App revenue calculator.
  • App FAQ reference guide.

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