Monetize Your App

Follow our simple "Sales Road Map” to maximize the opportunities to monetize your App.

Advertising Revenue Sources:

  • Banner Ads: Sell up to 26 Banner Ads to be rotated throughout the App.
    Banner Ads Suggested Price: $300 per month or total for the event
  • Enhanced Listings: Sell enhanced listings for each category. IE: restaurants, transportation companies, golf courses, theaters and other local area attractions and activities.
    Enhanced Listing Suggested Price: $100 per month or total for the event
  • Alerts: Sell alerts to local vendors/resources or to exhibitors to be sent out to all meeting attendees.
    Alerts Suggested Price: $50 - $100 per alert
  • Exhibitor Listings: Sell enhanced listing or just increase booth fee. Also, sell banner spots, alerts or sponsorships.
    Exhibitor Listing Suggested Price: $200 - $300 per exhibitor
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: For trade shows, reach out to exhibitors to offer the opportunity for the app to be completely sponsored by them.  Reach out to your major suppliers or vendors of your hotel or organization to sponsor the app.
    Sponsorships Suggested Price: Varies based on the size of event

Potential revenue for a small event exceeds $50,000 - Contact Us today to learn more.

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