Top 12 Questions to Ask a Mobile Event App Provider

  1. What platforms do you build for?
  2. How long do they take to be developed?
  3. Are they Native Apps, Web Apps (i.e. mobile websites), or Hybrid Apps?
  4. Can I update the App myself easily?
  5. How do you price the product? (Per platform?)
  6. What are your download rates?
  7. What are the revenue generation options?
  8. Do you provide “real time” reporting & analytics?
  9. How will you help me market my app to attendees, exhibitors, etc?
  10. How well will all the features work on all the different devices my attendees may have?
  11. What percentage of apps you’ve developed required multiple submissions due to bug fixes, critical fixes, and content updates?
  12. Can you provide references?

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