What we do different is what makes us better!!

What we do different is what makes us better!! EMA’s innovative software provides the features and functionality that other app developers offer AND THEN SOME!

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Cross Platform Native Apps

EproMeetingApps: Device-specific native apps for ALL Smartphones and Web-enabled mobile devices: Apple iPhone, Google Android, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile devices as well as iTouch, iPad and all Android and Windows Mobile based Tablets. Wap sites also available.

Other App Developers: Varied support for select Smartphones and other mobile devices. Combination of device-specific native, cloud and mobile web apps/waps. Fragmented approach does not provide a viable solution for all cross platform device users.

Innovative and Proven Software-as-a-Service

EproMeetingApps: Fully developed and optimized application software solution that provides native apps at a lower cost, without heavy technology implementation requirements. Easy integration of client data, development of all cross platform apps is done simultaneously within EMA's software. Turnaround time is days not weeks/months.

Other App Developers: Single platform custom development requiring detailed requirement documentation, functional specifications, prototype development, detailed development phase, milestones/responsibilities, data integration, testing and quality assurance. Development for each individual device app takes weeks.

Advanced Features/Functionality

EproMeetingApps: Real-time, up-dateable custom content with advanced features and functionality including: Native device calendar and contacts sync, container/clones, detailed reporting, survey and interactive mapping add-ons etc.

Other App Developers: Basic features/functionality with limited to no client content controls. Advanced features if available are expensive and require lengthy development timeframes.

Dashboard/Client-Cloud Approach

EproMeetingApps: Unique client-cloud and content management approach provides instant access and adaptability. EMA's innovative software, develops native apps for Apple, BB, Android and Windows Mobile and includes an online content management system which automatically recodes client entered data into the 4 separate device specific apps in real time.

Other App Developers: Limited to no client back-end infrastructure to support individual mobile applications. Multiple specific versions of the same application for every operation system and potentially every family of mobile devices are custom developed manually and can not be supported within a service-oriented architecture.

Customizable/Scaleable Solution

EproMeetingApps: Scalable and customizable cloud computing solution specifically for Hotels, CVB's/DMO's, Meeting Suppliers, Meeting Planners/Intermediary's. An unlimited number of custom event and hotel container/clone apps can be built rapidly by EMA’s cross-platfrom software.

Other App Developers: Lack of uniformity and interoperability among different versions of the same application built for multiple devices, leads to poor user experience. Additionally this leads to considerable fragmentation and impacts the economic attractiveness (ROI) of developing mobile apps.

One-Stop Efficient and Cost Effective Mobile Application

EproMeetingApps: A single low price, scaleable distributed cloud based software solution that targets ALL Smartphones/Web- enabled mobile phones! EMA software reduces the barriers for organizations/events to enter the mobile app world easily and cost effectively.

Other App Developers: Expensive and time intensive solutions. Multiple programming languages and varied device specific requirements lead to fragmentation and slow development time frames for each device specific app developed.

Industry Knowledge/Expertise

EproMeetingApps: By Hospitality Professionals for the Hospitality Industry! Dozens of satisfied clients including Global Experience Specialists; Complete Conference Management; HelmsBriscoe; PRSA and others. Customer references are available upon request.

Other App Developers: Built by programmers and technologists with limited knowledge of the hospitality industries wants and needs. “Everyone can have an App” mentality with a focus on sales NOT hospitality solutions and service.

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